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I was debating a tagline like “My crazy life” or something– maybe “Faith and Fun,” …but I decided that was waaaay too clich√©. So I just went with a Yeet. mug.

Why a Yeet. mug? Idk.

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A few recent posts:

  • You have to.
    "You have to forgive him/her/me to get to heaven." It's one of my pastor's sayings. And, if I'm to be honest, it always kind of makes me go hmm.
  • Pray For Someone 02/09/2020
    Pray that God takes someone by the hand and leads them through their trying times.Pray for someone
  • H e l l o W o r l d _
    There are so many different ways of greeting somebody, even just in English. It grows massively when you go into the various languages you can say hello in, all the different regional slang that evolves beautifully along with society.

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