Treasures [Matthew 6:19]


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, where theives break in and steal. -Matthew 6:19

Hello All! Summer has been hectic. I’ve been at camp for a great deal of it and dealing with stress from frequent schedule changes and… well… life, I guess. Life is hard, blogging is hard, really hard. I mean, a weekly devo doesn’t sound like much to one who has never tried it before. That’s what I thought when I first started writing weekly devos. It was… much harder then I thought it would be, but I’m back at it, summer is drawing to a close, and I have much less of a crazy schedule. So here goes…

This is another one of those verses that I hear so often it just loses meaning, but it, like many other often quoted verses, has a lot of meaning behind it if you just stop and look.

So, let’s identify treasures on earth. Some earthly treasures are money, food, clothes, just about any physical object attainable on this planet, etc. There are many earthly treasures, and we’re told not to store them up for ourselves. If you find it tough not to store these things up, you’re not alone! I’m pretty sure every human being goes through the temptation  of wanting more… stuff, and if not, well, good for them I suppose.

Now wait, before you give away everything you own, let’s look a little bit closer.  God calls us not to store it up, He doesn’t necessarily call us to get rid of it all. If I got rid of all of my earthly possessions, I wouldn’t have the means to post this devo right now.   🙂

★ Jonathan VanRy

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