I Will Not Be Afraid [Psalm 118:6]

Psalms 118- 6

The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?   -Psalm 118:6 NIV

Hello All! For today’s devo I will be focusing on the first part of this verse. “The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid.” This is a good verse to look at when you are… well… afraid. And no, not just afraid like, monster-under-the-bed afraid, but even, maybe something-will-go-wrong-today afraid, or, what-if-I-get-sick-or-injured-today afraid, etc. These are all things that we should put in God’s hands. He knows what is going to happen, and it is all part of His plan, we just need to accept that He knows what is best for us, and leave all of our problems to God.

★ Jonathan VanRy

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