He Must Become Greater [John 3:30]

John 3-30

He must become greater; I must become less.   -John 3:30 NIV

Hello All! I know this is a short verse, but it has a good point. He, God, must become greater, and I ,or we, must become less. You may be asking:

“God needs to be greater in what? He’s already on the throne in Heaven and in control of the entire universe.”

There is an easy, simple answer, God needs to be greater in our lives, and we need to be less in our lives. You may now be asking:

“How can we be less in our own lives?” 

There is another simple answer, put God in control. This means praying, a lot. Then you have to listen. That’s the hard part for many of people. They ask God for many things, maybe even really good things, but they don’t listen for a response. Some claim to be too busy to pray. That is never true. Prayer doesn’t always mean getting on your knees, folding your hands, and talking out loud. Prayer is simply communication with God. Communication means that both of you are talking, and both of you should be listening. Prayer doesn’t need to use thees or thous or even be out loud, it just requires a person willing to talk to and listen to God. So, I’m going to challenge myself to talk to and listen to God more, and you should too.

★ Jonathan VanRy

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4 thoughts on “He Must Become Greater [John 3:30]

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  3. Chris Carter (@themomcafe)

    Ah such a great message, Jonathon! Praying surely doesn’t have to be on our knees with ‘thees and thous’. Talking to God and listening to God can be an ongoing conversation if your heart is willing and faithful. Thanks for writing this fantastic reminder for us all.


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