For it is by GRACE [Ephesians 2:8]

Ephesians 2-8

 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- Ephesians 2:8

Hello all! I thought I might share a verse with you : For it is by works we have been saved by what we do…  wait… that isn’t the way it goes. By grace we have been saved. I mean, it’s fine to be proud of what you have done for the Lord, but being proud and being prideful are different, and either way, our works don’t get us into heaven. Again, in case you didn’t catch it in the verse, or in the bold text, it is by grace. God loves us, otherwise He wouldn’t have sent Jesus to save us, I mean it’s really incredible when you think about it. He sent his son, his only son, to suffer the one of the most painful ways to die in history. Just to save us that choose to defy him, and maybe even hate him. If I were God, I would probably be having different thoughts about this, but, I’m not, and the God up there loves us infinitely. Sorry if I keep repeating myself, but this is truly amazing, essentially incomprehensible.

I’m going to leave off on that note, good bye until next post! Re:Generation here I come!

★Jonathan VanRy



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